Stark 2024 Sticker


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Vote Stark 2024 because none of us have any idea what we’re doing!
Sticker dimensions:  5″ × 3″

Stark is a very special JCCC alumni who went into cardiac arrest after being sedated for a routine procedure. He somehow defied all odds and came back to us.

Though he was left vision impaired, deaf, and has just a touch of brain damage he is happy, healthy, and thriving.
We want to share his unique story and his quirky, lovable behavior with everyone! He’s also running for president, well not really but he’d probably be the best option, and he would really like your support… but mostly we want you to see how cute he is!

You can find Stark’s story and follow along with his life on Instagram (@starkthezombie) and on Facebook (StarktheZombie)!


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