About Our Clinic

Starting in January 2024 we have accomplished our long-term goal of creating the first and only low-cost spay/neuter clinic within Johnson County, that removes our complete reliance on surrounding counties for low-cost spay/neuter options.


First we had to tear out all the old, moldy walls and assess any existing damage/issues with the space:


Then we had to clean up the space, re-insulate the walls, and get some much needed help from Patton Plumbing to fix our leaky outside spigots and run new water and drain lines for sinks and laundry while we put up the new drywall:


Then Scott Ridge of Ridge Drywall worked a miracle on our amateur drywall, our electrician added all new lighting and outlets, and we added a fresh coat of paint to the entire space to provide a professional finish:


Finally we moved in all of our equipment and we were ready for our first surgery day:

Things are not completely done yet. We’re still anticipating the arrival of some more cabinets for counter space and some trim to add the final touches but it is 100% operable and our first surgery day was a huge success!

Our first surgery day was a success and we spayed/neutered 10 cats for Johnson County Animal Shelter and were able to perform an entropion repair for one of their dogs (which is something we would not have been able to do before having our own space)!

Overall it was a great week and we had a lot of fun being able to spay/neuter more cats in our own space.

This is truly a dream come true, especially for Regan and Janet who have shared this dream for many years.

We want to take a moment to thank the following folks for their help in making this dream come true:

- Johnson County Animal Shelter for their donation of all the cages.
- Patton Plumbing for coming in to fix all our plumbing.
- Rockville Road Animal Hospital for their donation of our surgery table.
- Scott Ridge of Ridge Drywall and Home Repair for coming in and finishing our drywall and refinishing our ceiling (seriously, he worked miracles).
- All our donors who want to help cats as much as we do.
- All the folks who shared our posts and brought so much awareness to this project.
- Every single volunteer who gave their time, energy, and late nights to make this happen.
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